Second Chance Wellness
Body, Mind and Spirit Balance Through Therapeutic Touch and Coaching

About the Practitioner

David Cockrell has been working in the healing arts since 1995. With an interest in results, his work focuses on providing the right techniques depending on the client's condition. From stress reduction to headache management, David has been dedicated to supporting his clients' healing process.

David first became interested in Reflexology. This led him to get certified as a Reflexologist. He then went on to receive his training at Potomac Massage Training Institute, graduating in 1998, with certification as a Massage Therapist. He became interested in Energy Work, which included the study of Reiki and Polarity Therapy.  Recent studies have opened David to the benefits of Thai massage. 

David believes in the body's innate ability to heal itself. He provides the space for this exploration with his clients to create a healing environment for this to take place.

David has been passionate about being of service through healthcare since 1979 when he explored working in pharmacies, doctors offices, hospitals, and nursing homes.  He found his calling in the Eastern philosophies of prevention. 

David is an avid Bikram yoga practitioner.