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ACT Wellness Dr. C.

I am honored to work in the same building as Dr. C at ACT Wellness Center.   He has been my chiropractor for several months.  His staff are always so welcoming and caring. He has a great team around him, supporting his vision of wellness for our community.  Give him a call (703) 491-9355 to set up an appointment. 

About Dr. C:

Carmelino Franco Giuseppe Caratozzolo, Doctor of Chiropractic, is the owner and founder of his practice since 1998, ACT Wellness Center by Accredited Chiropractic, in Woodbridge, Virginia. He is commonly referred to as Dr. C. Recently relocated and expanded, in 2009, the new name and facility describes what is offered, that is wellness.

Dr. C’s patients refer to him as “a quality of life specialist.”  He believes in enhancing lives though natural self-care and a healthy lifestyle.  He strives to eliminate the excessive use of medication and surgery by promoting the natural healing benefits of spinal health through Chiropractic care.  Go to for more information